The reincarnation of dessert into doughnuts

For such a simple creation as fried dough, the culinary world has managed to take it to another planet.  On a recent trip to New York City I tasted the most incredible incarnation of what is still refered to as a doughnut at Doughnut Planet.  ‘Doughnut’ does not do this piece of heaven justice.   

There is a blackberry jam and peanut butter doughnut, again the name does not do this justice.  The blackberry jam made from fresh blackberries every morning is used to fill the square-shaped fried dough.  The filling does not go into the middle but lines the entire shape.  This technique ensures you get the unexpected fresh bright blackberries with every bite.  The fried dough in dipped in a crunchy peanut butter glaze.  It is deep-fried heaven, making the perfect balance of sweet blackberries, and salty peanuts. 

Not to over shadow the PBandJ doughnut, but the creme brulee doughnut is just as worthy for you to make a special trip to the Noho area in New York City.  The creme brulee is a small round doughnut filled with a Bavarian creme.  What makes this doughnut so incredible is the candied sugar that coats the entire thing.  It is like the best part of the desert being the torched sugar atop the  traditional creme brulee being packed into every bite of this tiny breakfast pastry. 

I can not explain the euphoric experience of eating a doughnut from Doughnut Planet, it is only a sensation known to those who have had their own tres leches doughnut melt in their mouth


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