Finally……… a burger worthy of Valentine’s Day!

While visiting my parents in Arkansas, I came across an article in my mother’s copy of Martha Stewart Living.  It was the most precious Valentine’s Day party, pink lemonade, cutout cookies, and the sweetest burgers I have ever seen. 

Being in a small town, time tends to slow down, if you have lived in a small town you truly understand what I mean .  When I’m at home, me along with my siblings are constantly trying to come up with something else to do.  My youngest sister and I planned to fill our time this visit with Pintrest recipes.  This burger was the perfect recipe to start with.

Valentine’s Burger


1 package of peanut butter cookie dough

1 batch of your favorite chocolate brownies

1/2 cup red colored icing

2 Tbsp of sesame seeds

Valentine’s topped toothpicks


Bake the cookies as directed with a sprinkle of sesame seeds on every other cookie for your “Bun”.  Take a round cookie cutter or biscuit cutter to cut your round “patties” out of your pan of brownies.

 Then stack your burger with one cookie bun, brownie patty, red icing “ketchup”, and one sesame topped cookie.  This is truly a burger worthy of any Valentine’s get together. 

My sister (Kaylie) and baby cousin (Lexi) were big fans of the faux burgers.  Happy Valentine’s day from my tiny apartment to yours!  Enjoy!


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