My last Valentine’s Day post…. for this year…

I love Valentine’s day.  There…. I said it.  Forget singles awareness day, even when I was single I always loved Valentine’s Day.  The colors are pretty and all the little pastel heart candies.  How could you not love a holiday where anything is possible.  It’s romantic, even if you are single, this might be the day the one sends those flowers to your office.  This is the one day when people can declare their love shouting from the roof tops and it is pretty much accepted.  I, being a true girly girl hopeless romantic, will always look forward to the holiday season when I can find pink colored everything.

I guess I should give you a bit of background.  Those who know me know the story of how my now husband almost blew his shot on Valentine’s Day.  My husband and I at first glance would seem to have nothing in common but oh he always made me laugh.  After a month of walking me to class, the day before Valentine’s Day he began to inquire about my plans for the weekend.  You can only imagine my awkwardness.  I quickly informed him that I had plans with a friend and would most definitely be out of town.  He responded with of course I had plans, so did he.  I mean who really would want to put that kind of pressure on a first date, Valentine’s Day?!!! 

I did spend the weekend with my best friend at her place a couple of hours away, during which I did tell her about my almost Valentine’s date.  I had decided that he must not be interested because he honestly seemed to have forgotten it was Valentine’s day.  The funny part is once I forgot about the idea of the sweet southern charmer that walked me from class, he asked me to dinner.  A week to the day after Valentine’s day when all bets were off, I went on a lunch date to Zaxby’s with my now husband.  That same day we also went on our second date, that night for coffee.  As we ended the night in my apartment with me telling him about every vinyl album I owned, I knew I had found him. 


 I found the one person I want to share my life with.

Now back to this year, my hubby surprised my with a lesson at the Le Cordon Blue in Paris on how to make authentic French Macarons.  I have my own recipe for this cookie but learning in the same school Julia Child attended is more than a dream.  I couldn’t be more excited and I will definitely have plenty to share with all of you afterwards.

 This year my mini macarons were the perfect topping for my perfect Valentine’s treat.  I helped sell cupcakes for the March of Dimes at the department store I work at.  For charity I had to ensure these were extra special so the sales associates at the store would want to buy them for their Valentines.  My hubby and my sister stayed up while I baked until late hours of the night finishing these extravagant beauties. 

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

1 batch of your favorite red velvet cupcakes

1 mix of your best cream cheese frosting (Try mine, see my birthday post)

Mini macarons (see my etsy page) and sugared rose petals for decoration (recipe Follows)

Clear crystal sprinkles

1 egg white

3 roses

1 cup of sugar

Directions:  Ice your cupcakes, add sprinkles, and top each with either a petal or macaron



For the petals, whisk the egg white with a few drops of water.  Whisk just until a there are bubbles in the white (a few seconds).  Using a small brush paint a very thin coat of white over each petal entirely covering it.  Then holding the petal over the cup of sugar sprinkle sugar on each side of it.  You then lay it on a cooling rack covered in parchment to dry overnight.  Then you have a super impressive looking cupcake topper sure to impress anyone!


The one in the middle I made just a little more ridiculous and saved it at home for my James.  The Etsy store is now up and running, but these will be available for local delivery in Houston for your next special event.  We’re still working a few kinks out but all orders will be ready to go by Monday morning.

Happy Valentine’s day from my tiny kitchen to yours!



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